Brianna H.    Danny S.    Lucy S.    Runmiao S.

The Invisible is a story told in the immersive environment, which was developed during the class 360 Story and Sound within three months. The user takes the perspective of an object in Finley's locker and gets to know her life through hearing and seeing what's going on outside the locker when she opens the locker. 

Design Challenges:

  • Concept generation for stories that are suitable for delivering as an immersive experience

  • Decide on a story piece to elaborate

  • Break the story into scenes for the visual designer

  • Balance writers' expectations and imaginations with the visual designer's realization

  • Resolve the conflict between reality and cartoon style elements when visualizing the story

  • Apply active and passive control the user's perspective to make sure they are looking at the place as we expected at certain moments for the continuity of the plot

  • Identify and characterize user groups through user journey simulation 

  • Modify the plot iteratively to maximize the accordance between users' experience and our expectation ​    


The course was new and everyone has limited prior experience in virtual reality, but we went through a successful pipeline with the knowledge we obtained from class. Although there were technical difficulties and time restriction, we successfully delivered a complete story at the end of the semester and showcased it on Carnegie Mellon University Meeting of Minds 2018.


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