Hi! This is Runmiao, and my friends like to call me Maple. I'm currently a senior student at Carnegie Mellon University majoring Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Media Design. I was previously a research assistant in Nuclear Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute-Field Robotics Center (FRC). For my academic and professional experience, please refer to the CV below.





I have been a gamer and an Esports fan for five years.

My favorite MOBA game is League of Legends.


Apart from Esports and competitive MOBA games that highly requires mechanics, I'm really into role-playing games especially single player games that tell engaging stories.

From left to right: Beholder, Night in the Woods, Detention

Night in the Woods.jpg


I enjoy going to local theaters in Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama. 
I also visit Broadway at least two times a year for the newest musicals and my favorite musical of all time is American Psycho.



I love whales and enjoy staying with them in the natural environment. 
Due to human activity and other reasons still under research, whales
often strand either in individuals or in groups.  
One of my life goals is to get trained and receive a certificate as a
Marine Mammal Medic.



I have been a fanatic fan of FC Barcelona for ten years. FCB inspired me to study Spanish and Hispanic culture.


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